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Shawna Culp

Hi, I’m Shawna!

I just started working at Pixo as the Office Assistant. You may not know this, but Pixo is an amazing place to work. There are many reasons for this:

  • Pixo has a small group (under 25) of creative, collaborative, driven, and super-intelligent people.
  • Pixo’s office space is fun and engaging- we even buy groceries for our employees!
  • Pixo gets stuff done- We have lots of happy clients (see our Portfolio on our main page)
  • Pixo does things right- we are always investing in our future with fun technology and cutting edge designs

But, here’s what happened when I announced on my personal Facebook Page that I was joining the team:

(actual screenshots from my Facebook)

So.. What is a Pixo?

We’re hard to define, but believe it or not that is a good thing! In the past we were called OJC technologies- On the Job Consulting. We had a small team of technology problem solvers, poised and ready to swoop in and tackle web design, interface, database, whatever -ase and much more for many different types of clients. Literally swoop. Check this out! Hidden on Pixo’s old web page is our Super-Hero Alter Ego!

Unfortunately, the cheeky yet accurate cartoon depiction became outdated, and so in September of 2011 we became Pixo!

This nondescript name and vague mission statement may leave some people wanting, but we think that’s a good thing! We give voice to our clients through technology, engineering and design! Why should we be forced to put ourselves into a tiny box of specific skills? Why should we list only some things if we can do a lot more than that? We guarantee that if you need something related to technology, programming or design, we are the right team to consult!




(Please note: Shawna is NOT one of the designers at Pixo, your drawings will be done by skilled professionals, not Shawna using Microsoft Paint…)

Pixo is fundamentally a group of developers. These people are computer code-geniuses. That means we have an extremely sound technical savvy which allows our company to solve many, many problems. If your company needs to automate some hugely complex process, these folks know how to accomplish that. If you have a unique idea for an application but don’t know how to develop a real, working, app; we can do it. If your company’s website needs to integrate with a million other systems and needs to look incredible at the same time, like no website has ever looked and behaved before- Pixo can make that happen!

Hopefully this blog post has helped you understand who we are and what we do. Still confused? Stop on by! We’re right in the heart of downtown Urbana, behind the Cinema Art Gallery. I’ll be the one greeting you with a smile!

Interested in working with us?