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Jason Berg

The protests that have erupted following the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor are an extraordinary show of support for a completely ordinary desire: that every person be treated with respect and dignity, free to live without the fear of being killed or having their lives suffocated by an oppressive system designed to maintain the status quo. This global outcry is a hopeful sign of change and a vital step forward on the long road toward racial justice. 

At Pixo, we recognize that we can and must do more to take a stand against racism. Our commitment to building and supporting an inclusive industry and workplace is strong but inadequate. In 2016, we agreed to a set of core values that have since guided our thinking, but they lacked plans for action and measurable goals, so we have fallen short of expectations. In our values, we state: 

Diversity makes us stronger

Our industry lacks diversity; we are committed to changing that.

At Pixo, diversity means embracing all kinds of things that make us unique.

We recognize that it takes a diverse team to do our best work, so…

We adapt

We change

We welcome

We include

We celebrate

We support

We appreciate

We learn from each other

We have hard conversations

And we go out of our way to make it happen.

Since the protests began following George Floyd’s death, we have made time to discuss and process these events and share resources to learn and understand more about white privilege and being Black in America. The ideas we’ve shared in these conversations will fuel a company-wide effort to define how we will fulfill the commitments we’ve made to each other and our community.

These are all just words, though. While talking about our values and making time for recent discussions point us in the right direction, they’re meaningless if they don’t lead to change. Diversity does make us stronger and now is the time to demonstrate our belief through measurable goals and sustained action.

We willingly join the global call for justice and commit to measuring what matters.

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