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Lindsey Gates-Markel

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re growing! We’ve got several open positions right now, and we already have a new crop of Pixonauts roaming our office, learning the ropes.

With all the exciting change happening around here, lately I can’t help but think about the days when I was brand-new to Pixo. It really is a special place to work, and my colleagues were exceptionally helpful and friendly. But at any new job, there’s a learning curve.

With new people on the way — and more to come — I asked my fellow Pixonauts to share their most light-hearted nuggets of advice and wisdom. (Psst: See an open position that fits? Reach out!)

Finding your way

The big room in 108 is called the “Hall of Justice”, and the room in front of it is the “Trophy Room”. — Marty, director of technology

The porcelain cow head hanging in the café kitchen came from former employee Bill E. He says he got it at a garage sale and had no reason whatsoever for hanging it there. He continues to look for the butt… — Sarah Dolinar, project manager

The Hall of Justice can be a dark cave. Invest in a desk lamp, or you might want to carry a torch like Indiana Jones. In summertime, bring a blanket or sweatshirt to fight the AC. — Jon, UX designer


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