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Jessica Paris

You may have questions, like:

What’s with the nerd theme?
Why are you wearing red bowties?
Do you really think you’re clever?
Why does Pixo play dress-up at Innovation Celebration every year?

The answer to these questions is complex. Pixo is a company of around 30 people with a huge variety of backgrounds, skills, and personalities. From engineers to designers, MBAs to writers, those of us who work at Pixo have a lot in common. And our commonalities come to light every year at Innovation Celebration, which we’ve chosen as an annual outing to celebrate being a part of the exciting tech community of Champaign-Urbana.

Do we all like Star Trek and Dr Who? Not necessarily, while many of us do, many of us never watched an episode. So what’s the deal with the costumes? We’re nerdy. Nerdy in the sense that we’re devoted to the pursuit of our individual craft and we absolutely love what we do.


When we showed up in matching Pixo Geek two years ago, we did so to remind ourselves that across all of our various skill-sets and backgrounds, our common bond is the desire to create awesome technology, and we ‘geek out’ on the digital products we build as much as our clients ‘geek out’ on their ROI.

group of Pixo staff members in Startrek shirts

When we showed up in Star Trek uniforms last year, we were saying that we’re unafraid to nerd out, and “Love Pixo and Prosper” meant that our love for creating awesome things at Pixo is what drives us. We champion quality. We boldly go. We don’t always have the answers, but we explore uncharted territory together and we do it with the intention of making our clients’ products great and in turn, making ourselves great.


This year, as we dress up like characters from Dr. Who, we’re reminded that just like The Doctor, we change and we reinvent ourselves everyday in order to do the right thing in our work. “Because we’re clever” reminds us how, as The Doctor is concocting a plan, to get out of some crazy and frightening situation, he is asked “how do you know?” and his response is “Because I’m clever.” And like the Doctor, we’ve adopted this phrase, not to boast, but to remind us that while we may not know the outcomes or have all the answers, we’re clever. We’ll figure it out, together.

And like The Doctor, we have companions who will be there right next to us trying to figure it out, too. And as our CEO Lori Patterson Gold goes into chemo today to fight a big nasty battle, we’re especially reminded of how grateful we are that she has given us all the opportunity to be The Doctor, to be clever, to work with each other and to remember that like in our work, life may also throw you a crazy and frightening challenge, but together we will come out of it stronger.

So, are we Pixo because we’re clever? Or are we clever because we’re Pixo? Perhaps a little of both.

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