University of Illinois Preferred Vendor 

Pixo is proud to be a preferred vendor of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign. Pixo is contracted under KRS102, Temporary Information Technology and Consulting Services. Our Contract number is CN-00025165.

Category 3. Software & Application Development Services

Pixo has planned and built custom software and applications since 1998. We are a full service software consulting firm with the staff and experience to provide services in the entire lifecycle of software and application development, from an initial concept, through execution, to long-term maintenance. We believe in making user-friendly software that exceeds the expectations of users and stakeholders.

Our team includes expertise in software requirements, analysis, architecture and design that is critical at the start of every IT project. Once we have a thorough understanding of the requirements and needs, our well-rounded team can help execute any aspect of software and application development. Pixo also employs experts in quality assurance testing, project management, and user interface design. Our collaborative approach encourages each specialist to work closely with the full team to ensure success.

Our programmers and developers have expertise in many widely-used software platforms: Microsoft .NET, C/C#, Java, PHP and Web technologies including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We use many different database tools including MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and CouchDB.

Pixo also has expertise working in modern cloud-based environments, including Amazon AWS, Heroku and Rackspace Cloud. We also regularly work with on-campus hosting including VMs and servers available from AITS, UIUC CITES, UIC ACCC and UIS ITS.

Pixo is not just a team of great programmers, but also great communicators. We believe that close communication is key in requirements gathering, working with stakeholders, conducting training events and providing on-going maintenance and support. We have a passion for helping non-technical staff play a successful role in using software solutions and in making sure their needs are met as we build new applications.


CARLI brokering system

Electronic resource Brokering System

The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries (CARLI) in Illinois provides mission-critical digital services to 145 of Illinois’ academic libraries. Pixo designed and developed CARLI’s new e-resource brokering system. Pixo believes that the best software projects are grounded in software requirements that can be understood and evaluated by all key stakeholders. By providing clear documentation that incorporated information from all participant types, we were able to surface disagreements and conflicting opinions early in the project and move forward with no rework required.

Category 5. Mobile Technology

Pixo has been at the leading edge of the mobile phenomenon since its start. Pixo’s first iPhone app was released in 2009, within the first year that Apple opened the now-famous “App Store”, and we quickly followed that with our first Android app. As of 2015, Pixo’s team includes well-rounded expertise in mobile technologies, not just for our programmers but also for analysts, architects, managers and Quality Assurance staff. We routinely design and build native mobile apps for Android and iOS, and we build technology-neutral web apps that target mobile smartphones and tablets.

The mobile wave has unleashed new integrations and new paradigms. We routinely use location-aware services on mobile devices that give users location-specific information and map-based data overlays. We integrate with social media, such as sharing messages, photos and videos via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS. We integrate with hardware devices using Bluetooth and WiFi, and we connect with data using barcode scanning, cloud data services, and by integrating with multi-tier enterprise systems.

Category 6. Web Content and Development

In the past few decades, the web has continued to grow as the dominant medium for delivering applications and content to users. Pixo has rich experience with the web–from web-based application development to enterprise websites backed by content management systems.

The web development arena has developed sub-specialties, and Pixo’s staff includes expertise in each of these areas:


Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Storage/Persistence Layer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Pixo uses rich tools such as AngularJS, jQuery, D3, Backbone, Pattern Lab, CSS frameworks, HTML grid systems, etc.

Web App Development

  • Microsoft .NET
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript (NodeJS)
  • Open Source tools

Web Content Management

  • Content Management Systems (CMSs)

Pixo has expertise with Drupal, WordPress, and Sitecore, as well as static site generators.

  • Relational Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Caching Services
  • APIs and Integrations
  • Cloud Services

University of Illinois at Chicago

After University of Illinois at Chicago unveiled its new brand and identity in the fall of 2014, Pixo partnered with the UIC’s Office of Public and Government Affairs (PGA) to translate that identity to the web. Working closely with PGA, Pixo created a lively, engaging, and unique front door for the university. In addition, we worked to reimagine the purpose and the content of the site to reach prospective students, in particular. In the WordPress back end, we created a system for content authors that gives them the flexibility to combine and remix different content components so they can adjust page layouts on the fly.

Category 10. Customer Service & Support

Pixo has a full-service customer support team that provides support for web applications and websites that Pixo has delivered as well as products created by third parties. Our support team is made up of experienced developers and engineers with a passion for extending the life of digital products.

Pixo’s customer support staff have a wide range of technical expertise, including server setup and configuration, performance optimization, analytics analysis, accessibility standards validation, general help desk support and application development. In addition to this technical expertise, the customer support team also engages in communication and user experience training to deliver a thoughtful support experience.

Our support staff have expertise supporting several different versions of Linux and IIS servers and are familiar with supporting Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. In addition, our support team is experienced in the same widely-used software platforms as our programmers and developers: Microsoft .NET, C/C#, Java, PHP and Web technologies including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We are also familiar with many different database tools including MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and CouchDB. We believe in taking a gestalt approach to problem solving and combining different disciplines to get a full picture of the situation.

We believe that this is important in order to not only provide a solution as soon as possible, but to prevent future problems from occurring. We have a passion for helping individuals and organizations make the most of their systems and be as successful as possible.

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