Web Accessibility

Since 1999, we have worked to be a leader in implementing the standards set out by the U.S. government and the W3C for website accessibility.

Pixo is highly aware of the features that allow sight-impaired, motor-impaired, and other people with disabilities to make full use of the Internet. All websites and applications that Pixo builds for government and university clients meet and exceed Federal Section 508 accessibility guidelines and Web Accessibility Standard. In addition, we design sites using the UIUC Web Accessibility Best Practices.

Pixo has had a long history of pushing the envelope to advance accessibility, including improving accessibility of the main www.UIC.edu website as well as many sub-sites at UIC and UIUC. Pixo has partnered with the authors of the UIUC/iCITA Best Practices, Jon Gunderson and his team, to develop software tools to test University of Illinois websites for accessibility and monitor compliance over time.

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