Lindsey Gates-Markel

Lindsey Gates-Markel

Lead Content Strategist

Crazy stuff happens during silences at the theater. — Annie Baker

Lindsey helps teams realize their vision and reach their goals through thoughtful discovery work and content design. She likes asking the “dumb questions” about topics she knows nothing about and uncovering the narratives behind users’ perceptions and behaviors. She’s a quick-draw at inventorying content types and can break a website down into a content model faster than you can say “metadata.”

From 90s zine culture to an MFA in creative writing, Lindsey is a hands-on maker and reflective thinker. She met the job description for Pixo’s first-ever content strategist with a vision of her own, convincing us that content strategy and her years of acting and writing converged in one essential skill: empathy. 

Imagine her waving two huge flags. One says PEOPLE LOVE TO SCROLL and the other says THE CONTENT IS NOT FOR YOU. They are beautiful. They ripple in the wind.

Lindsey is an actor and director at the Station Theatre in Urbana, where she’s played roles like Eurydice, Aphra Behn, and Hamlet. She also makes really good monthly Spotify playlists.


Content strategy, interviews, discovery, content inventories, content modeling, synthesis & analysis, usability testing, writing for the web


Monmouth College – Bachelor’s in Arts, English

Lesley University – Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing


Pixo, 2015-Present  – Content Strategist

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois, 2012-2015 – Grant and Technical Writer

Wolfram, 2010-2012 – Copy Editor

Volition, 2008-2010 – Receptionist

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