Specialized Care for Children at the University of Illinois Chicago provides free care coordination for Illinois families with children who have special heathcare needs. Specialized Care partnered with Pixo to create its next generation site. Through a design strategy focused on conveying the warm personality of Specialized Care as well as user-centered content reorganization, Pixo created a modern, welcoming site with which Specialized Care and their audience are thrilled.

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Specialized Care for Children homepage Specialized Care for Children homepage

Design Approach

Many health care sites feel institutional and alienating. Thus, it was Pixo’s goal for the new site to reflect the same level of compassion, professionalism and knowledge that one experiences with an in-person visit or phone call to Specialized Care.

This goal fueled Pixo’s design approach. Our designer drew her own illustrations to express the humanistic values of the organization. Making these images and photographs of real families prominent on the homepage conveys the personable and friendly face of Specialized Care.

Content Strategy

Reorganizing and repurposing the content of the site was one of the project’s biggest challenges. To help inform this process, Pixo held on-site workshops with Specialized Care’s Family Advisory Council and other parents who use its services. Through diagramming exercises and interviews, Pixo and Specialized Care identified the top information needs of families, medical providers and decision-makers who use the site.

This fresh understanding of the users’ needs drove decision-making when analyzing past content and developing the navigation and voice of the new site. Pixo helped Specialized Care start from scratch and build its new content from the ground up. This was integral to creating an easy-to-navigate site that allows users to really feel the clarity and support they would experience when working with the organization. Pixo helped write a portion of the content and equipped Specialized Care staff members with a writing style guide and page tables, which they used as a model to continue to write content with the same clear, warm voice.

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Iterative Launch

Armed with the understanding that building a website is a constantly evolving process, Pixo and Specialized Care adopted an iterative launch approach for the new website in order to replace its existing site as soon as possible. The first released version of the site was by definition a minimum viable product. The launch included only crucial content and showcased the new look and feel of the site. This allowed the web team at Specialized Care to get their hands on the site more quickly and to really understand how to create and manage their content. This understanding then informed decisions on the additional features that were designed and launched in months to follow.

The Results

In addition to an overflow of positive feedback from Specialized Care’s stakeholders, traffic to the site has increased exponentially. Over the same 3-month period analyzed pre- and post-redesign, Specialized Care’s Google Analytics jumped from 182 unique visitors on the old site to 5,999 on the new one.

Through messages and features targeting specific audience members as well as concise and well-organized content, the new site has given the Specialized Care team a heightened confidence in knowing their message is heard. The Assistant to the Director at Specialized Care summed up the success of the site beautifully:  “I’m proud of so many things about this website, but it’s not a feature that I am most proud of. I think of a worried parent who is up late at night, searching the internet for something to help their child. They land on our site and begin to read about our services and other families we help, and they have hope. The hope that our website can give is what I’m most proud ”

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