We created a striking one-page site with custom illustrations, a fresh logo design, and convincing content.


TaxonWorks needed a logo and public site for their emerging product, a curatorial workbench for taxonomists.


When the focus of your project is a “curatorial workbench for taxonomists”… you start by asking a lot of questions about what exactly that is. Our UX and Design team gained a thorough understanding of TaxonWorks’ benefits and uniqueness through in-depth conversations and defining activities with its founder, a taxonomist himself.


The Outcome


From a gut test to style tiles, UX designer Allie Ofisher and visual designer Tyler Edwards explored fonts, colors, and site components with the product owner to identify the design “language” that that would best illustrate TaxonWorks.

New Logo

Tyler designed a logo and custom biological illustrations to help the complex product feel more approachable and to more clearly express the focus of TaxonWorks, which is to “describe life.”

(Pictured — Right: An example of a style tile the product owner reviewed. Above bottom: A wild logo-sketching whiteboard session that set the stage for the final product.)


We partnered with the owner and content author of TaxonWorks by guiding him through some directed writing, then by curating his writing to be accessible and web-friendly, with succinct sentences and lots of white space.

Since the product owner is a developer himself, the Pixo development team wrote the code for a static site he could implement and update on his own, saving some development costs. Pixo developers always work hand-in-hand with product owners and the rest of the team, and that level of collaboration was especially important for the “Upcoming features” section of the site (pictured right), essentially a tricky—but important—visual hierarchy.

The TaxonWorks site was very simple before Pixo worked to improve it.
A screenshot of the finished site.


The result is a striking one-page site with custom illustrations, a fresh logo design, and evocative content, all co-created with the product owner. 

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