Personify is an immersive video communication company that uses cutting edge video technology to bridge the gap between remote communication and face-to-face interaction. Pixo produced a fully responsive, sleek redesign of Personify’s website, showcasing their revolutionary perceptual computing products, “Live” and “Chat”.

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When you create ground-breaking products, you want the world to know!

And you also want your website to reflect these high tech products in a sexy, new light that’s easily digested by the audience. With only weeks to prepare for the International Consumer Electronics Show, Personify came to Pixo in a time crunch, and in need of a complete redesign of their current website.

Getting visitors to quickly understand what Personify’s products are and how they function was vital. With a complex technology, words alone weren’t going to cut it. They needed the audience to have a general idea of how the products function within a few seconds of browsing the site.

We accomplished this by showing the user visuals of people actively using the products. With no existing live footage of the product in use, we immediately gathered up a few models and scheduled a photo shoot. After extensive image editing, we’d created life-like scenarios of Personify Live in use.

The Products

Personify “Live” and “Chat” both use a depth-sensing camera to extract the user from his environment. Live places the user on top of their presentation material to allow better communication through gestures and eye contact as if he were in a face-to-face meeting. Chat is an instant messaging service that extracts live video of each chat user and overlays the feed of both users onto any digital background. It includes visual snapshots, allowing users to share facial expressions and body language.

Personify Home

Making complex–simple

As a tech startup, Personify needed to communicate the innovation of their products without intimidating the audience, and also spark excitement while maintaining a trust in the quality of the products. Our goal with design was to elevate Personify’s products into something that people cannot wait to get their hands on.

Fun Graphics

We created an approachable homepage with friendly, colorful info graphics explaining how the products work and how impactful they can be in helping give a dynamic presentation.

Personify Chat

Making the Product a Hero

Using large hero shots of product and pairing them with people effortlessly using the technology helped create trust in the products.

The Details

We created unique graphics showing up close how Personify Chat functions and it’s versatile use cases.

Responsive Design

Due to the extremely tight timeline, multiple design revisions wasn’t in the cards. Keeping in mind the fully responsive fluid structure we decided to keep the design simple and clean. This helped the site to be easily navigated and highlighted key messages. Keeping white, open space with images and backgrounds stretching to the edges of the browser window allowed for graceful transitions into tablet and mobile devices as we weren’t constricted by design elements that may be more difficult to manipulate and resize at narrow widths.

Personify Responsive
Client Communication

Client Communication

Meeting the deadline couldn’t have been accomplished without the cooperation of the client. We had open communication throughout the design phases and were able to work efficiently and make quick decisions.

Because Personify’s in-house team developed the site, we provided clear documentation and a detailed style guide. We still kept a running conversation during development, and the site came together beautifully.

“I really appreciate the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude that Pixo had on this project. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the site — we’ve clearly entered the higher echelon of startup companies.”

Sanjay Patel, CEO & Co-founder, Personify Inc.

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