As the educational arm of O’Reilly Media, publisher of every developer’s favorite technical reference books, the O’Reilly School of Technology (SOT) provides online certificate programs and courses for IT. Pixo recommended and implemented a responsive CMS solution as part of SOT’s redesign of both their  public-facing site and their online learning system.

A collaborative approach

SOT’s developers specialize in building and maintaining their online learning system. When it came time to develop a responsive front-end template that they could apply to both their public-facing site and their online learning system, they turned to Pixo to augment their skill set. SOT provided designs which Pixo then implemented as a template their developers could adapt to their needs.

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Choosing the right tool for the job

With so many content management systems available it’s not always easy to select the most appropriate one. Pixo worked with SOT to outline the site’s full feature set and detail how the site would be updated before recommending WordPress as the CMS of choice.

With a hefty online learning system to manage, SOT wanted their public-facing site to be as simple to maintain as possible.Wordpress is famous for its easy-to-use interface and offers a lower learning curve for their development team to update and extend the site over time.

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