Northeastern Illinois University engaged with Pixo to completely overhaul their campus-wide web presence, Through a collaborative process, we gathered input from over 1500 constituents across three campuses and built consensus and political will for a dramatic change in their online presence. The result is an inspiring, easy to use website built on a platform for growth. More importantly, units and content authors across campus were trained and empowered to maintain and grow this frontline marketing and information hub.

CLIENT Northeastern Illinois University

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We know (and love) universities. We’re aware that one of the biggest challenges universities face is how to surface and share all the amazing stories of innovation and impact. These are often buried in departments, labs, and centers – and sometimes the heads of faculty.

For Northeastern we engineered a Content Hub that allows all campus web communicators to post and share stories and announcements across every part of the website.

Empowered with this new Drupal powered tool, Northeastern can, for example, easily share a new research finding on the homepage as well as on strategically selected department, college, development, or alumni pages.


Northeastern Illinois University has always been known for its affordability and for meeting the needs of nontraditional students. What has been less publicized is the exceptional academic quality. In an academic paper we got our hands on, the quality and admiration of Northeastern’s faculty was shown to rival that of Northwestern University!

Pixo turned Northeastern’s messaging on its head – putting its academic excellence first. We built a message set for the university that helps to organize all the great stories of academic rigor and achievement into a coherent story that clearly conveys what it means to be Northeastern.

Content Strategy

Imagine thousands of web pages of varying quality and dates. A myriad of content updaters from interns to Deans. Conflicting information. No one can find anything. Search button please … Sound familiar?

Pixo built a process for re-envisioning and building content for from the ground up.

Working collaboratively with Northeastern, we identified content teams who we led through a visioning process. Through interactive sessions and follow up homework, we helped these teams focus on the needs and tasks of site visitors to build the structure and content around the users’ needs rather than the internal organization’s needs.

We followed this content strategy work with university wide training on Writing for the Web that included hands on work sessions where authors produced content in a supported environment. We then helped Northeastern build a support system to maintain and enhance content over time.

The Results

The new launched in Spring of 2014. The site won the People’ Choice eduStyle Award in the Best Homepage category.

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