Emerald Therapeutics is a venture-backed biotechnology company based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2010 by two life-long friends from Philadelphia, Emerald develops novel therapies to cure persistent viral infections. To streamline their research efforts, they developed the Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL), comprised of robotic lab equipment, allowing them to automate many aspects of the experiment process. Now, Emerald is bringing the ECL to the world, and they came to Pixo to build a rich website that illustrates the complexity and robustness of the ECL.

Translating the Complex

Pixo prides itself on working with clients to take what seems complicated and make it easy to understand. Through intensive collaboration with the Emerald team, Pixo gained an understanding of the science and business of the ECL and translated that understanding into an attractive and engaging site that speaks to scientists.

Understanding the Audience

Everything about the ECL site is intended to intrigue the scientist who would subscribe. With informative language, imagery and animation, Pixo created a site that provides a visual and tangible tour of the ECL.

Video and Animation

The use of video and animation become integral to informing the audience about ECL. Video of lab equipment gives users a visceral understanding of the possibilities and function of the lab, while the animations provide an easy-to-understand tour of the ECL.

To execute the animations, Pixo used the GreenSock Animation Platform, a Javascript-driven animation tool. Through GreenSock, Pixo was able to create the complex timelines and tweens that animate the HTML elements on the page.

Success through Collaboration

This project involved much more client collaboration than ever before at Pixo. Our team worked side-by-side with Emerald throughout the project’s lifecycle. With daily meetings and rapid iterations, we constantly refined and expanded upon the creative, technical, and business functions of the site, developing a very successful final product.

Through the site, Emerald’s goal was to develop a list of potential subscribers. Their hope was to sign up 40 — in fact, the response was more than 5 times that.

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