Pixo established the DigitalLearn.org site with user-friendly interaction design, compelling interface and implemented a mobile-friendly technology platform leveraging and highly customizing a unique user experience on top of the open source Drupal platform.

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CLIENT Public Library Association (PLA), a division of the American Library Association

The mission, if we chose to accept

The Public Library Association (PLA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) contacted Pixo for a high-profile website they needed to build on a short timeframe in order to coordinate the launch with an Ad Council national digital literacy campaign called EveryoneOn in conjunction with Connect2Compete. The goal of DigitalLearn.org is to assist libraries and digital literacy training centers as they face an increasing demand. Digital literacy is critical to  Americans’ opportunities in the workforce, access to educational resources, and connecting families and friends in our digital age. Pixo answered the call and partnered with PLA to take on the project.

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Start to finish, start to finish …

In a short three-month timeline, Pixo brought PLA’s vision to life for a BETA release to accompany EveryoneOn‘s national campaign launch. In three more months, Pixo created the full DigitalLearn.org release including a rich online community. In these two short sprints, Pixo took DigitalLearn.org from an idea to a complete platform helping users nation-wide.

Using every instrument in the band

Pixo designed and created DigitalLearn.org from the ground-up through user interface design, graphic design, and application development. We used open source tools including Drupal, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. PLA developed the interactive HTML5 training modules using Articulate Storyline. Pixo helped orchestrate a fast, full-service collaboration with our creative and technology teams working in concert.

Easy to use on mobile, tablet and desktop

Pixo created a custom responsive layout to make DigitalLearn.org easy and fun to drive on any device.

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