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Lindsey Gates-Markel

“I want to say it stemmed from me talking way too much about Doritos.”

It was Austin’s last day. Our beloved front-end intern was leaving for a summer at Tumblr, and we wanted to send him off with a bang. Or, well — more of a crunch.

“I want to say it (probably) all stemmed from me talking way too much about Doritos,” says Austin. “I definitely listed them as an ‘interest’ in my Pixo bio.”

Besides design, Austin really likes social media, Doritos, Spotify, photography, music, and drawing.

To celebrate Austin, on May 15, 2015, we brought in a bunch of Doritos and dips. We toasted with Taco Flavor and Nacho Cheese smothered in queso. We chatted. We licked our powder-laden fingers. We totally ruined our lunches.

And thus, a holiday was born.

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