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Allie Ofisher

Try this note-taking and prioritization tool The most overwhelming thing when conducting multiple user tests is knowing what to do with all of the insights. As a UX Designer at Pixo, I use a mishmash of techniques to help our team make smart choices when deciding where to put our efforts after a usability test. I eventually created a Google Sheets template (Make a copy for yourself and try it out!) to help me prep for, conduct, and evaluate the results of usability tests.

Julia Pollack

As a new UX designer, every book I pick up is loaded with advice and ideas I never even knew to look for before I entered the profession. Josh Clark’s Designing for Touch is a snappy introduction to direct user screen interaction design. The text manages to take a look at best practices while simultaneously keeping an open mind about changing industry standards.

Brian Walters

Lindsey Gates-Markel

Nicole Moore

JIRA has made project life a lot easier in a lot of ways, but it has also introduced another set of issues focused on standardization. While all our project teams at Pixo use JIRA, that use varies in both good and bad ways. It’s great that JIRA allows us to individualize each project based on specific needs, but we also need consistent practices across the (literal) board in order to use the project-tracking tool more efficiently.

Lindsey Gates-Markel

Lindsey Gates-Markel


Matt Fotzler

Let’s talk about teammates. Think about the best people you’ve ever worked with. What makes them the cream of the crop to you? How can we be the best people our teammates have ever worked with? For me, the general answer is impact.



Lindsey Gates-Markel

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re growing! We’ve got several open positions right now, and we already have a new crop of Pixonauts roaming our office, learning the ropes. With all the exciting change happening around here, lately I can’t help but think about the days when I was brand-new to Pixo. It really is a special place to work, and my colleagues were exceptionally helpful and friendly.

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