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Landi Najarro

Test early, test often When projects follow a waterfall pattern, you might gather requirements, create design mockups, build the functionality, and finally test the results. During testing, Quality Assurance (QA) files bugs for rest of the team to fix errors that could have been solved much earlier on if there had been more collaboration throughout these ‘phases’. This is highly inefficient and can extend the lifetime of a project.



Cate Kompare

What is Usability Testing? Usability testing is one of my favorite things to do as a User Experience Designer. At Pixo we usually get the opportunity to do usability testing when a project’s wireframe is near completion. By that time, we’ve spent months researching the audience and organization, analyzing our findings, and tweaking our design.

Cameron Macintosh

Recently, I had my first exposure to SASS, on a project here at Pixo. For those not familiar with SASS, the language is a superset of CSS which can be compiled into CSS. There are many compilers for SASS, for example Compass and PHP Sass are two in use at Pixo.



Pixo created a modern and super-functional website for The Illini Union that unifies all of the diverse services the Union offers as well as increases foot traffic and student investment. The Union’s new website was unveiled on January 17th, 2014 at union. illinois.

Jessica Paris

Dear followers of Pixo news, Some of you may not know about Pixo’s (not-so) secret double life. Pixo has a product. In fact, it is not the first time Pixo has had a product (remember WebEasel?) but this product, the Vehicle VIN Barcode Scanner, is still going strong and we’re having a great time expanding and enhancing our service to the automotive industry.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Last week, Pixo launched an exciting new website, DigitalLearn. org, created for and led by the Public Library Association (PLA), and launched in conjunction with a national digital literacy campaign by the Ad Council for EveryoneOn and Connect2Compete (a national nonprofit on a mission to eliminate the digital divide for all Americans). The goal of DigitalLearn.



This past weekend I attended a conference on what I would call the antithesis of web design. I spent my weekend in Two Rivers WI at theHamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, geeking out over letterpress at the Museum’s third annual Wayzgoose Conference. The conference is a gathering of typography enthusiasts, of people across the country who get giddy at looking at wood type and antiquated ways of printing with them.

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