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Landi Lark



In a previous blog post, we explained Why We’re Decoupling Drupal. To learn more about how we decoupled one of our recent CMS projects, take a listen to “Content as a Service: What to know about decoupled CMS,” from our webinar with friends from Four Kitchens, on June 11th, 2015, hosted by Pantheon.  Pixo’s portion of the recording starts at 21:00.

Cameron Macintosh

Everyone loves Pantheon hosting’s time-saving one-click updates for Drupal and WordPress. If you are putting a site onto Pantheon that already has revision history in Git, then you likely want to keep your history. But if you create a Pantheon site from an existing Git repo, one-click updates will not be available.

Cameron Macintosh

WordPress is famous for it’s 5-minute install. You can host WordPress yourself or choose from numerous WordPress hosting providers who will give you a fully working starting point in minutes. This is tremendous for techies and non-techies alike.

Cameron Macintosh

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