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Cameron Macintosh

Everyone loves Pantheon hosting’s time-saving one-click updates for Drupal and WordPress. If you are putting a site onto Pantheon that already has revision history in Git, then you likely want to keep your history. But if you create a Pantheon site from an existing Git repo, one-click updates will not be available.



Cameron Macintosh

In addition to the SmallDateTime bug outlined in a previous post, I also encountered this troublesome bug involving truncated SQL data because of a MSSQL nuance on lengthy VARCHAR fields. The Lost Field of Text There existed several string/text fields in the legacy MSSQL database defined with 1000-8000 character capacity. However initially I was only getting the first 255 characters.

Cameron Macintosh

Pixo is currently developing a web-based publication workflow application for American Library Association’s Choice Magazine and Choice Reviews Online utilizing the PHP framework Symfony to build a web based publication workflow application.  A major component includes migrating 30+ years of legacy data out of a MSSQL database into a redesigned SQL schema in Symfony.   Early in the project, I encountered this particularly nasty problem regarding smallDateTime fields as I was setting up the MSSQL side of the migration using the default MSSQL PHP driver.

Cameron Macintosh

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Last week, Pixo launched an exciting new website, DigitalLearn. org, created for and led by the Public Library Association (PLA), and launched in conjunction with a national digital literacy campaign by the Ad Council for EveryoneOn and Connect2Compete (a national nonprofit on a mission to eliminate the digital divide for all Americans). The goal of DigitalLearn.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Now that we’ve returned from the March DrupalCon in Denver and had a chance to reflect, we’ve pulled together this unofficial roadmap to Drupal 8. Here are the top things you need to know about Drupal’s next big evolution. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive The biggest change coming in Drupal 8 is the built-in support for mobile.

Melinda Miller

I spent a lot of time as a kid playing with Legos. Arguably, I think it was the perfect toy for someone who grew up to be a user experience architect/closet librarian/newspaper page designer. * I started thinking about my own history with organizing when I was reviewing a recent project and reflecting on how user research informed our recommendations.

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