Known as an innovative leader in supporting students with disabilities, the University of Illinois Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES) Division needed a new website that would surpass accessibility standards and help incoming and currents students take advantage of its vibrant programming.

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CLIENT University of Illinois Disability Resources & Educational Services

Leading the way for accessibility — Drupal style

The existing DRES website had fallen out of date when its last webmaster left. While full of essential information for thousands of students and peer organizations around the world, the content and navigation had grown out of control over the years, making it hard to use and offering little to attract potential students to the University. And for DRES, exceeding website accessibility requirements was not just a matter of following the letter of the law but of leading the way for others.

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The new DRES website employs an entirely new architecture with an organization that now supports current students who frequently visit and know what they’re after as well as browsers — peer organizations, alumni or potential students — who want to know more about DRES.

Accessibility at it’s Finest

The beautiful, new design is also fully accessible to disabled visitors. On top of Drupal 7, the most accessible version of Drupal to date, Pixo was able to implement ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) markup to provide more semantic cues about the content — an emerging standard for people who rely on assistive technologies to navigate the web.

Additional Features

The architecture of the site was built, tested, and revised to appeal to users with attention challenges. For example, a “Save to my Quick Links” feature allows users to mark any page as a quick links page so that they have one-click access to all pages that they desire.

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