Pixo created an interactive online learning experience called the Stalking Resource Center for the National Center for Victims of Crime with funding from the U.S. Department of Justice. NCVC is a national non-profit located in Washington, DC with a 25-year track record working to help victims of crime, their families, and communities.

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CLIENT National Center for Victims of Crime

National Center for Victims of Crime

The National Center challenged Pixo to bring an existing face-to-face training curriculum to the online world. By putting this curriculum online, we helped reach many more people throughout the country and deepen their engagement.

Engaging online users

The curriculum is designed to best deliver the course material through the online medium to partners throughout the U.S. Interactive components make the content engaging and help learners build an action plan for implementing what they learned.The technology platform we created powers the online course, tracks learner progress, and reports on positive outcomes.

The course is now used by law enforcement officers, victims advocates, and others in the criminal justice system all over America. It helps them investigate stalking crimes and support victims of stalking and their families.

Leveraging Open Source

Pixo leveraged and extended Drupal to allow the National Center staff to update course material over time and manage the learner experience. Pixo significantly extended the platform with custom-built e-learning features and interactivity. The resulting quality of the course is head and shoulders above the canned, template-based e-learning tools that people are often forced to sit through.

In the end, the online course has multiplied the number of people that this curriculum reaches. In our technology-rich world, this course is helping law enforcement and victims advocates all over the U.S. to better respond to stalking crimes and best support victims and families.

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