Research Park at the University of Illinois acts as an innovation hub for technology-based businesses to work with faculty and students, and takes advantage of the collaborative university community of labs, equipment and services. As part of a major marketing effort, Pixo redesigned their website, moved it into Drupal, and integrated it with their proprietary tenant management system. The site now integrates with other key systems and is easily maintained by staff.

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CLIENT Research Park at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Making connections for entrepreneurs

Research Park was in the process of a major marketing effort when Pixo began working with them. The website needed to serve both prospective tenants curious about the park and current tenants who needed access to resources. And the site needed to help further establish Champaign-Urbana as a vibrant tech community.

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Our research allowed us to recognize that most visitors to the site are curious rather than just task-oriented. So, we took advantage of Drupal’s content structure and designed the site to interweave interesting case studies, resources, news, and events throughout to capture the visitor’s curiosity.

This was a drastic change from the existing site…


Dynamic Architecture

Combining marketing materials aimed at attracting new companies with information that supports current Research Park tenants led to a dynamic architecture that both showcases and informs. When a user is reading about a particular tenant, for example, they may be met with case studies that are relevant and a list of Research Park resources that the tenant takes advantage of.  And with the power of Drupal behind it, the Research Park now has an integrated site that is easy for staff to reflect the constant changes going on at this innovative hub for entrepreneurs.

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