Pixo’s custom web-based JWatch application is being used every day to support the needs of the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois’ probation departments and is currently undergoing major expansion in an effort to offer it throughout the state.

CLIENT Center for Prevention Research & Development (CPRD) at the University of Illinois, and the 2nd Circuit Court of Franklin County, Illinois

An integrated, web-based, database-driven case management system

In 2007, the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois partnered with the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign’s Center for Prevention Research & Development (CPRD) and Pixo to design, develop, and implement an integrated software tool that supports the needs of the users by collecting a wide range of case-level juvenile justice data to better understand its juvenile offender population, identify appropriate services and interventions, and provide a clear understanding of program effectiveness and overall system performance.
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Security, integration, and information-sharing

One of the guiding project principles has been to ensure that the data is fully integrated so that all users can access all appropriate data. With rigorous testing to ensure data security, the site is now being modified to accommodate use by any probation and detention office in Illinois. Jointly supported by Redeploy Illinois and the MacArthur Foundation’s Model for Change Initiative, the JWatch system is relied upon daily and continuously maintained and updated to reflect the ongoing needs and continuously improved processes made by the juvenile justice system of the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois.

The technology stack

Pixo’s custom web-based JWatch application was written in Perl, runs on Linux Apache web servers, and stores its data in a complex PosgreSQL database–and is being used every day to support the needs of the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois’ probation departments.

On-going improvements and major expansion

Funded by a grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Pixo is currently developing an expansion of the system to support Adult probationers. And JWatch is now on its way to being adopted by multiple counties throughout the state. With a senior project manager and four-senior-developer team, JWatch is a complex system with a powerful group of brains on it to make sure that the system is built with long-term sustainability and growth.

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