Headquartered in Chicago, the renowned American Library Association (ALA) has been the leading voice for libraries and librarianship since 1876. Pixo partnered with ALA to build an enterprise, Drupal CMS platform with numerous integrations and custom multi-site management tools. We then performed the migration of 70+ ALA websites to this new platform from a defunct, Serena Collage CMS.

Robust multi-site Drupal ecosystem

ALA had an urgent need to retire the previous, defunct CMS (Serena Collage) and move quickly to a powerful, open-source CMS that it could rely on — all while automating the migration of 100,000+ pieces of content to this new platform without interrupting business.

Pixo created a robust, multi-site Drupal ecosystem allowing its autonomous sub-groups to have some flexibility but also exist within a consistent framework. Each part of ALA applied its own logo, branding and colors while retaining common elements for consistent ALA branding across the organization.

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Pixo took an innovative approach to leveraging and extending Drupal’s multi-site capabilities.

Pixo extended and customized Drupal’s tools for multi-site management. We created an automated process for migrating existing content.

We were able to automate the conversion of ALA’s entire web presence from its existing, extinct platform into Drupal 7, saving thousands of ALA man hours. Pixo’s “enterprise” Drupal methodology — an approach that includes performance optimization, content migration, and multi-site capabilities all in an accessible, user-friendly, well-designed package — was just what ALA needed.

We created a master control panel for ALA IT staff to easily manage administrative operations across the whole network of 70+ websites. Pixo crafted custom functionality to smartly share taxonomy/categories and share relevant content between the whole network of sites.

Pixo partnered with ALA staff to deliver training, QA, custom integrations, and management of a well-choreographed, phased roll-out.

We provided an enterprise Drupal hosting environment and trained ALA staff on operating it in-house in ALA’s data center. The platform includes Drupal and related high-performance tools such as Varnish, Memcache, Apache Solr (for search), and Shibboleth (for enterprise single sign-on).

Pixo formed a unique partnership with ALA in-house IT staff that resulted in a great amount of in-house knowledge and an effective and close-knit collaboration throughout the project. This included bringing ALA staff to Pixo headquarters for an intensive 8-day Drupal training event.

Open-source solution wins librarians’ stamp of approval

Pixo can partner with any organization to craft a custom enterprise Drupal strategy.

Pixo and ALA successfully migrated all websites so that the previous, defunct system could be retired. Pixo helped establish a long-term foundation within ALA for leveraging the open source Drupal platform at an enterprise level.

ALA’s many divisions and business units now have the ability to more easily update and manage their web content. Moreover, the ALA IT staff now have an enterprise platform that makes it easier to build and launch new Drupal website instances that automatically have enterprise management of permissions, themes and more baked in.

“Pixo is composed of a highly personable, tech-savvy and creative team that successfully serves large enterprises.”

Louise Gruenberg, Senior Usability Officer, ALA

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