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110 W Main Street | Urbana, IL 61801

Phone (217) 344-0444

Fax (312) 277-2974


Directions & Parking

From Main St.

Starting at the Cinema Art Gallery on Main St. in downtown Urbana, follow the alley just east of the gallery to the end of the sidewalk and turn left. The main entrance to Pixo is the glass doors in the middle of the mural on the terra cotta brick wall.

From the Race St. Parking Lot

The parking lot across from the Courier Café on Race St. has two-hour parking. Once you’re there, look south. East of the “Boulangerie” mural next to the back entrance to Mirabelle’s, there’s another mural on a terra cottta brick wall. The glass doors in the middle of the mural are Pixo’s main entrance.

From Main St. & Broadway

Turn onto the alley just north of the corner of Main St. and Broadway. Past two small parking lots south of the alley, there’s a building with a mural on a terra cotta brick wall. The main entrance to Pixo is the glass doors in the middle of the mural.

Important Contacts

(217) 344-0444 x0

Help Desk
(217) 344-0444 x28


Lori Gold Patterson
(217) 344-0444 x30

Director of Business Development

Jason Berg
(217) 344-0444 x20

Director of Operations

Erika J. Kramer
(217) 344-0444 x29

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